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🔊 What parameters should water meet to be able to call it healthy?

Interview with Mirosław Gluch, Engineer

The quality of water is not solely influenced by its purity class. Drinking water must contain dissolved micronutrients called mineral salts. A strict classification of waters exists, depending on the degree of mineralization. It is also important whether the water is “acidic”, “neutral” (in terms of acidity), or “alkaline” as well as what properties - oxidizing or reducing - it has. Thus, the ORP and pH values are vital. Water with low ORP has good antioxidant properties, and its use in the daily diet helps in cleansing the acidified body. In addition, water with a low ORP helps to neutralize free radicals.

– explains Mirosław Gluch, Engineer, scientific consultant at WATERLAB S.r.o, in an interview with editor Ewa Michalska from We highly encourage you to become familiar with this conversation.

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